Motorized Solar Blanket Roller for pools up to 40ft length


Automatic Solar Blanket Cover Reel / Roller – Remote Controlled, Solar Battery Charged / Powered, Motorized Units for 20×40′ in-ground Swimming Pools

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The Solar-Lakes® Motorized Pool Roller can be attached to your 3″ diameter pool reel with simple installation just in few minutes.

• Enjoy your pool from the moment you step outside without the hassle of manually cranking in your water logged solar blanket.

• No Wiring, Grid independent, Solar-battery-powered Smart Technology with remote control.

• Thanks to this advanced and environmentally conscious technology there comes an additional benefit: maximal consumer safety with no risk for electrocution.

• This grid-independent solar-charged battery powered product rolls up your solar blanket from your rectangular inground pool in one minute.

• The AC/DC charger is not required for the normal daily operation of this solar powered system, if the solar panel is not in the shadow of a tree or your home 3-4 hours per day, 4-5 days per week.

– the motorized unit with solar panel & battery,
– waterproof handheld remote controller,
– AC/DC indoor battery charger.

– the 3″ aluminum tubes,
– the blue solar blanket.


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