Lux-Pool warrants to the original purchaser of “the product” or “the reel” for the period of one (1) year from the original sale date or dealer installation, whichever is earlier that the product will be free from defect in material quality and workmanship. Lux-Pool is solely obligated under this warranty to replace or repair broken components or to make adjustments at its election if after inspection it is determined that the product was used only in the recommended manner by the purchaser and the request is filed, received, and acknowledged within the warranty period of one (1) year.

All other claims shall be denied as invalid. This Limited warranty does not apply to abuse be it willful or unwillful, theft, damage from water, wind, flooding, electric storms, lightning, EMP, solar flares, other damaging weather patterns, shortages, neglect, operator error, misuse, “act of God”, natural or unnatural phenomenon, or similar occurrences.

This warranty does not apply to parts subject to normal tear and wear, the “wear components and parts”, including but not limited to paint,  straps  and alike. For such “wear components and parts” a pro-rated one year warranty is offered (just like a pro-rated warranty for new tires and brakes on your automobile).

This warranty explicitly does not cover damage or breaking the glass solar panel under any circumstance.

This warranty explicitly does not cover damage if the product is immersed in pool water under any circumstance.

At its discretion Lux-Pool shall cover UPS ground shipping within the continental USA at the rate of shipping present during the one (1) year warranty period if warranty service is provided. Lux-Pool shall not be responsible for additional fees including border fees, travel expenses, hotel, telephone, fuel, mail communication, brokerage fees, collection fees, or other such fees, charges, or expenses.

This warranty applies only to the product and is not transferable or to be used for any other item, apparatus, or surface, in proximity to, or use in conjunction with, or in any association with the product.

This warranty is non transferable to any other person, corporation or entity, and is only valid if the original purchaser is present at the time of damage, and only as long as the original purchaser is the sole operator at all times. Lux-Pool will not be responsible for damages caused by operation of this reel by any other person or entity that is not the original purchaser.

The warranty described herein is in lieu of and excludes all other warranties not expressly described herein, weather implied, or expressed by operation of law or otherwise implied. This warranty may not be combined with any other warranty. All warranties implied or stated by sales representatives that are licensed and approved by Lux-Pool shall be considered invalid if in contradiction or not mentioned in this warranty as described in the “Warranty and Conditions” section of this guide. Warranties Implied in regards to purpose of use, merchantability, and fitness shall not be considered, observed, or otherwise excluded from the responsibilities of Lux-Pool and this warranty.

Under no circumstances shall Lux-Pool be liable for payment exceeding the purchase price of the defective product weather based on warranty, tort, contract, strict liability or any other theory. Lux-Pool is not liable what so ever for exemplary, indirect, incidental, special, consequential, punitive or any other such damage. Warranty is not valid, and product is not to be sold to any other state, province, district, country, nation or other entity presiding outside of the lower 48 states of the continental United States of America by any individual, person, entity, corporation or representative.

Any breach of the terms outlined by any part or section of the user manual will result in loss of warranty and may result in legal action against the individual, person, being, corporation or representative .

Modification to any part of the reel will result in loss of warranty. The original purchaser of this product has specific legal rights as provided by the warranty described herein and may have other rights in their state of residence. We do not honor third party extended warranty contracts. Applicability of warranty to parts.

The limited warranty as described above will apply to replacement parts for the remainder of the Limited Warranty period or sixty (60) days from the date of shipment, whichever is shorter. No markup, on any form of increase in price from the price of replacement parts at the original date of sale shall be covered by Lux-Pool. Return Policy.

The return policy outlined herein is only valid during the Limited Warranty period as described above, only applies to the original purchaser, and is non transferable. All returns must be pre-approved before shipping or return by Lux-Pool and require the issue of an authorization number provided by Lux-Pool.

For warranty claims to be considered proof of original purchase and proof of purchase date are required, furthermore if repairs have been made under warranty proof of repair dates will also be required, all claims without these proofs shall be denied as invalid. If applicable, freight and parts credit shall be sent to the original purchaser following inspection and processing of the validity of a claim. Any claim not processed within thirty (30) days of repair or installation date shall be invalid and denied.

Direct further questions to Lux-Pool Warranty Department :

938 Cherry Tree Drive Belpre, Ohio 45714, USA

Customer Support: info@Lux-Pool.com  ;  Phone: 740-274-0790                                                                    REV. 2/5/2022