Martin from California – “I am in my 70s and I am the “pool boy”. We live in Northern California. Our pool is 30’ x16’ and is surrounded by oaks, so leaves are a constant maintenance issue. My “old” manual reel was an eyesore and it was at the most visible end of the pool, because it would not fit under the diving board.
Looking for convenience I started researching powered reels. I quickly came across the Solar-Lakes product and was intrigued. I was attracted to the solar powered aspect because I didn’t want cords around. The good news in California is that there’s abundant sunshine for solar panels. The bad news is that the pool is active 12 months of the year (thanks to oak leaves.) After almost 6 months experience I can report complete satisfaction.
– The reel fits under the diving board so it is less obtrusive.
– The convenience is such that I don’t leave the pool cover open as much. Saving water, chemicals and likely extending the life of the cover. Keeping the temperature up also.
– The motor handles the size and weight of the large cover (14 mil) very well.
– The price was quite reasonable in the big picture of pool ownership. There are also savings to be had as mentioned above.
– Product support (just questions) was timely and thorough.
– It is cool.
Now, if it could just make that perfect gin and tonic ….” .

Colette from Canada – “ My pool is surrounded by huge trees on all sides. The motorized, remote controlled, solar battery powered automatic pool cover makes it simple to open and close my 20×40 solar cover on a daily basis so leaves don’t fill my pool. The customer service is the best on the internet!”I have a  lot of satisfaction using the motorized roller.*=D> bravo”> . THANK YOU VERY MUCH“</p>

<p><strong>Brian from Australia – </strong>“My pool blanket is heavy and my pool is very long. I had to customize the roller. Works perfectly.”</p>

<p><strong>Chris from California</strong> – “I’d seen motorized pool cover openers before but at a huge price. This one is the one you’ve been looking for. Solid, sturdy and eye catching design. It just works. No cables needed! No complaints!”</p>

<p><strong>Keith from Ohio</strong> – “Not difficult to install, the end just slid right into the aluminum pole spanning the pool. Screw it fast. Most difficult thing is the straps getting them even. As you can see in my pics, just need to trim the ends so it looks better. I do help guide it back onto the rollers so it stays straight, but a whole lot easier, letting the motor and the remote control do the work. No longer a two person job!”</p>

<p><strong>Kenneth from Washington</strong> – “I bought this through Amazon with the seller’s recommendation, upgraded to the moveable solar panel. I installed this on an indoor pool so I could deploy and retract the vapor barrier/heat-retaining pool cover. Even indoors it saves a lot of money when you cover your pool; less humidity to remove/control and less heat loss caused by evaporation. I could not be happier. I can do it all by myself with the greatest of ease! Recommend!”</p>

<p><strong>Rodel from Utah</strong> – “I got my electric solar blanket reel from Amazon a few weeks ago and have used it without issue. My old one was loud and slow and this one just works perfectly. The remote is a great feature; the fact that the reel is automated saves me a lot of back pain and time too. I initially had doubts about the solar panel because the motor it runs is rather heavy duty (a wet soar blanket probably weighs around 100 pounds) but it hasn’t given me any trouble at all. I’m definitely impressed, I’d recommend it to anyone. Best money I’ve spent in years!”</p>

<p><strong>Thom from Washington</strong> –  “So glad that I found this on Amazon. What a great product. My husband has had health issues and was unable to help me cover and uncover the solar blanket for the pool. This automatic and remote controlled product was just what was needed. With the help and guidance of the manufacturer, Gabor, I was able to assemble. It is nice to know that if there are any issues or questions that need to be answered, you can contact Gabor. Believe me, you will not regret ordering this product.”</p>

<p><strong>Glenda from Florida</strong> – “Do yourself a huge favor – if you are in the market for a motorized solar cover. Buy this one. I was initially skeptical about the capability of this product, principally the solar charging aspect. Although ordered around the New Year along with the solar reel tubes, I didn’t get it installed until late January. After just over a month of use I have no skepticism about it at all. It works and works and works. The Florida sun keeps the battery charged even with the unit inside my Pool screen. Gabor from SolarLakes is outstanding in his customer support and responded the same day to tell me how to reset the overload protection which tripped when, through my own inattention I failed to notice the pool cover rubbing on the pool coping.. This is a fabulous product and well worth the price.”</p>

<p><strong>Rico from Spain</strong> – “I had my plumbers help me to install and it works great !  Thank you for all your help via email Gabor”</p>

<p><strong>Robert from California</strong> – “Love my Remote Controlled Solar-Lakes Pool Cover Roller. I have a kidney shaped Pool and by cutting the “Kidney Portions” off my cover I can easily roll up the cover and wrap or store the kidney parts. Great Product .. I have mine on Rollers so I can move and lock out of the way when using the pool. If you can’t or don’t want to strain your back rolling a cover up, I highly recommend!”</p>

<p><strong>Jane from Texas</strong> – “This is great. I will now cover and uncover the pool more than once a day and I don’t dread it like I did with the manual reel. It was easy to set up on my existing 3″ rod.   My pool is 20 ‘ x 40″. The solar cover is 16′ x 36’. It stops close to the end if I don’t have it straight enough and I just unwind a little and it will then roll up all the way.”</p>

<p><strong>Lisa from Pennsylvania</strong> – “I installed a Solar Lakes solar blanket cover reel on my 14’ x 26’ rectangular pool in a small back yard. I had two concerns: 1. A 3’ x 7’ water fall protrudes from the pool side about mid-center. This caused the blanket to drag against the walls, cutting that out of the blanket also left a flap on the blanket. 2. The pool wall on that side is 6” higher than the deck on the other 3 walls. With some very timely advice from Gabor, the installed system works flawlessly. Very little adjustment of the blanket is required when covering or uncovering the pool. The installation is beautiful. A retired engineer.”</p>

<p><strong>Tom from Maine</strong> – “Do yourself a huge favor I love this solar reel. I was having trouble with my old one because of my shoulder problems. First time charged it overnight, haven’t had to since. Nothing works like in any product video, but with a little direction of solar cover, open and close, works absolutely fantastic! I would give it 10 stars if I could. Seller also unbelievable. He contacted me by email several times. Why? He wanted to make sure it arrived ok, he later wanted to make sure it was working properly, then he wanted to make sure I was happy. Who does that? I would NOT recommend something if I didn’t like it so I LOVE THIS REEL!<br>I need to add if you take time and adjust straps I’m certain it will roll up perfectly. Oh yeah my pool is a distance from my deck and remote works from there.”</p>

<p><strong>Beth from Alabama</strong> – “Wanted to do a video on how wonderful this solar reel works but couldn’t. I’m a senior and ordered this for convenience, and I did put it together myself. Gabor, provided great customer service. I can enjoy swimming daily and keeping my pool clean, as well as saving energy and using my remote control to cover and uncover the pool with no effort other then the push of a button. I research everything before I purchase and this product is so worth it.”</p>

<p><strong>Aboli from Nevada</strong> – “I had a solar blanket that never got used since it was too hard to use it. I also have no electrical outlet close to the pool so when I saw this product, I was excited to see if it could work. After I ordered it, the owner called me right away. He was concerned that because of the size and shape of my pool, it was going to be right on the edge of this unit power spec. He provided with some helpful suggestions. I just installed this unit and it works great. It took some time to adjust the solar blanket and adjust the system but I am happy with the end results.”</p>

<p><strong>Rinky from Florida</strong> – ” I was really pleased that the solar-powered-roller works even for our lanai covered pool !”</p>

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Jeanne from California – OMG! Easily assembled and the owner is so helpful if you have questions and responds so timely!! This has made my pool experience sooo much better and fun !! Now when I ask my grandkids and Family if they want to go swimming there are no more groans cuz they used to hate the pain it is to open and close the pool! and now they jump at the idea! My grandkids can even open it easily with the remote safely from outside the gate! Just love it ! Recommend it for all ages! Thank you solar lake for your invention!

Carlos from Mexico – “I bought this product for two reasons: to protect the pool from the leaves that constantly fall from the bushes and to keep the pool water warm. With this motorized product I find it much easier to open and close the blanket, because I do not need electricity, since it is charged with the solar panel.
For me it is fantastic and I recommend it to anyone .”

Debbie from Florida – “Great customer service. Solar powered pool cover works well. Ease of use. Extend swimming season by using solar blanket to help heat up pool during daylight hours and retain heat at night. Note: to unroll cover you need to attach a tether or use two people to unroll.”

Heidi from Utah – “We love our Solar Lakes motorized pool cover reel! We use it with our indoor pool with the included DC charger to charge the battery. It makes it easy for one person to take the cover off. It also helps make putting it on much easier. Ours also has a battery display indicator which is nice. The manufacturer/seller has also been super helpful. The whole system is a great value and we would highly recommend it.”

Peter from California – “This massively simplified my ability to roll/unroll the solar blanket. Huge step up in quality from the manual reel I had before – and on top of that, no cords for charging – just sunlight – and the motor makes putting on / taking off the cover a breeze. I’m using this on a 16×32 pool with a 16 mil (new) solar blanket – which is quite thick. No problems for the motor – fast and quiet – and having a remote makes it possible to manage with 1 person – e.g. if you need to pause the motor, push the button, go straighten out the cover, push it again and you are back in business! I suspect we’ll use the cover much more – which will lead to savings with less water loss and less time for the heater to run! Thank you Solar-Lakes”

Jane from Virginia – This is great. I will now cover and uncover the pool more than once a day and I don’t dread it like I did with the manual reel. It was easy to set up on my existing 3″ rod. The company called me before shipping to say that the satellite picture of my pool indicated that I needed the movable solar unit which I had forgotten to order so they sent that. Otherwise, I would have had to return and wait for shipping again. I have had it set up about 10 days and it is great so far. My pool is 20 ‘ x 40″. The solar cover is 16′ x 36’. It stops close to the end if I don’t have it straight enough and I just unwind a little and it will then roll up all the way.

Abdel from Indiana – “Our pool time had been limited due to the fact we didn’t have a solar cover and the water was so cold to swim in northern Indiana. I have had solar covers before but the hassle of rolling and unrolling them was laboring and frustrating. I saw the automatic solar blanket cover reel on line which looked like a fantastic solution to my problem. So I called Solar-Lakes and got information on this product. All my questions were answered, I ordered the prototype for testing and it works well, just like a production unit.
It arrived when promised. Now it is so easy and less frustrating to cover and uncover my pool with just a click of the remote. I can even roll up the cover from inside my house, what a deal! I totally recommend this product and love it, and I am sure you will love it too.”

Lisa from Florida – “In searching for an easy open pool cover reel for my parents, I stumbled across the Solar Lakes website. What a clever idea that saves manual cranking or extension cords around a wet pool. I contacted Solar Lakes with a few clarifying questions and received answers the same day. Long story short, I ordered the white motorized reel and the aluminum tubes. Upon product arrival, I discovered the reel end was damaged in shipping. I contacted Solar Lakes and they immediately express shipped the replacement part with a prepaid return label for the damaged part. Following the manual on the website, it took approximately 2 hours for two people to assemble the reel ends, tubes, blanket clips and blanket (the 12 mil blanket I purchased separately). I was glad I purchased the aluminum tubes through Solar Lakes! The tube ends arrived labeled to ensure the connections were done correctly. The mounting holes were nicely countersunk for a smooth surface with the supplied hardware. Included with the purchase of the tubes were the blanket clips that attach to the reel. We easily opened and closed the cover 20 times when test fitting, and the battery (which arrived charged) never strained. The white finish looks amazing! My parents are happy with the solar pool system. They can easily open their 15ft by 30ft pool with a push of a button. I placed a block in front of the reel-end to prevent any movement of the tubes if we get strong coastal wind.”